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Rick Netshiozwi

Rick Netshiozwi is a prominent media expert on consumer behaviour, a business consultant and strategist, an academic researcher, and an author. Regarding client expenditures, he delights in discussing consumer psychology and behaviour. He addresses national and international media platforms, prominent institutions, and major retail brands to help them comprehend what is occurring, why, and what lies ahead.


Rick Netshiozwi combines together insights, academic theory, and actual consumer behaviour. He currently possesses a PhD and Bachelor's degrees in accounting science, programming and web development, cinematography, and filmmaking. His most prolific research centred on the evolution of trust in international business relationships. He immersed himself in the global trade culture, collaborating with various key individuals at the board and management level, and working onsite to comprehend the development of customer and supplier trust. As a trusted expert, he can advise clients on what trust is, how it can be established, and the cultural differences in trust in order to improve client solutions.


Rick Netshiozwi is the founder and chief executive officer of Binyamin Investments, a company that administers assets worth over 190 million dollars. He is also the director of RNM Media and Sound, Olympus Media and Graphics, and Enoch Publications. 


Rick Netshiozwi is the author of the best-selling book "Non paying Paying Clients." Many industry-leading experts in debt collection, consumer behaviour, and client transacting asked him to add value to their business systems due to the popularity of his book. Rick has worked for JSE-listed firms including Glencore, Standard Bank Group, Absa Group, BMW, and Mercedes Benz South Africa providing complex business solutions that increase great client interaction.

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