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Rick Netshiozwi, born in South Africa, is a distinguished business and marriage counselor, and author. Of Venda descent, he speaks five South African languages. He is the founder of several enterprises, including the "Rick Netshiozwi Company," Wave Craft Group, Enoch Publications, Elyon Christian Church, and the renowned RNM Media and Sound. Often nicknamed "The Walking Bible," Rick has established a robust system around himself, making him a highly sought-after social media influencer in the realm of marriage counseling. He has guided countless couples and assisted numerous business professionals in becoming formidable experts in their fields.

Rick holds a BCompt in Accounting Science, a diploma in Graphic Design and Photography, a Bachelor's in Theology, and both Honours and Master's degrees in Theology. His literary works include several acclaimed books, with "Wisdom Unlocked" being a bestseller. Other notable titles include "Genuine Converts," "I Never Knew You," "Non-Paying Clients," and "Blessed but Broke." 

As a prominent conference and seminar speaker, Rick is also dedicated to his family. He is married to Primrose Netshiozwi, a pastor and women's ministry leader, and they are blessed with three sons: Enoch, Benjamin, and Michael.

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Rick Netshiozwi is a businessman, marriage counselor, keynote speaker, and devoted husband and father to three remarkable, strong, and purpose-driven sons. As a passionate expert in marriage, he dedicates much of his time to addressing the needs of broken marriages and assisting newlyweds in building strong, formidable unions. His business acumen has led him to invest considerable effort in expanding his expertise in saving, building, and advancing businesses.

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